11 comfortable staterooms for 22 guests: 9 staterooms (6 TWIN BED / 3 QUEEN BED) on the lower deck, 2 luxurious ocean view suites (queen bed) on the upper deck. All cabins are air-conditioned with TV, video, DVD, stereo and have en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water.

The main deck hosts a spacious lounge that features a seating area with a panoramic view, a bar and the lounge. The lounge is equipped with a flat screen TV, video, DVD, stereo and internet connection. There is also a separate camera charging AC room.

There is a great large sun deck with fresh water Jacuzzi for guests to relax and chill out.

Dive facility: Separate 60 feet dive boat, with 2 compressor and 1 membrane for Nitrox , 12 ltr tanks and 2 Padi certified dive master.

Technical Specification

Year built: 2011/2012 Maldives
Construction: wooden hull
Cruising Speed: 12 -14 knots
Length Overall: 41m (147 ft)
Width Overall: 11m (35 ft)
Engine: Doosan Daewoo marine engine (12 cylinders – 720 hp)
Freshwater: Desalinated water with 18-ton capacity
Electricity: 2 x 50 kW Perkins Generators, 230V, 24 hr electricity
Safety equipment: Oxygen, Fire alarms, fire extinguisher
Navigation & Communication: Global Positioning System (GPS), SSB Marine Radio, Depth Sounder, Mobile Phones, Internet, Search Light, Binoculars, Maps

THE Maldives

Seen from above, the Maldives Islands resemble a thousand pearl drops speckled across the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are an independent nation. Each island is self sufficient, surrounded by blue waters and white sandy beaches. The cluster of islands are grouped into 26 atolls. At the heart, and very well known for its unique exquisiteness is the capital city Male’.

People are drawn to the Maldives for the very irresistible blue waters, sun and white sandy beaches. For more than 40 years, the Maldives tradition of resort islands has grown and flourished. Today, the Maldives is a must-see destination for the savvy traveler and SCUBA enthusiast.


The Maldives is comprised of 1190 coral islands  in the Indian Ocean.h 200 islands are inhabited and the rest of the islands are not. The island group is formed in such an extraordinary way it is only 1% land and 99% water. The group of islands stretches 820 KM north to south and 120 KM to east to west. It is situated in the southwest of Sri Lanka on the equator. Each atoll is enclosed by a coral reef separated by several deep natural channels and a lagoon. Most of the islands can be covered within 10 minutes. Only a few are longer than 2 KM. Transport between the islands is on speed boats, dhonis and by air transfer.


The Maldives has a warm and humid climate.. The most ideal weather in the country is from November till May.

The climate in the Maldives is categorized into two seasons which are known as southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon. The northeast season last from the months of November till May, when it is dry. The southwest monsoon season is wet, and lasts through June to October.

The temperature in the Maldives ranges from mid-20s to mid-30s (68-86 F). It’s warmest in April and May. The water is warm, and visibility is great. Different dive sites show you different and beautiful scenery. Most dive sites in the Maldives can be grouped according to the geological formation of the reef and are either Channels, Farus, Thilas or Giris.

  • January to April is considered the best months for diving.
  • May and July can have unstable weather, and storms and cloudy days are common.
  • August to December tend to have clearer weather, but visibility can be slightly reduced because of abundant plankton in the water.


To ensure your safety, we require the following of all divers:

  1. Maximum depth of 30 meters , maximum dive time 60 minutes
  2. Night dive- maximum depth 18 meters, dive time 40 minutes
  3. Minimum air pressure 50 bar
  4. Always dive in buddy teams
  5. Each diver must have his/her own computer
  6. No decompression dive
  7. No alcohol consumption between the dives
  8. DAN (Diver’s Alert Network) insurance or equivalent is required






On arrival, a thirty day visa is granted to visitors. For convenient immigration clearance it is advisable to carry valid travel documents and confirmation of hotel reservation with you. For visitors without prior booking, assistance is offered by the airport tourist info center which is located just outside the departure hall.


No vaccination is needed for visitors to Maldives against malaria unless if you are coming from a yellow fever affected area. The most common problems are sunburn and dehydration. So it is strongly advisable to drink lots and lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. It is also important to have sun protection. If you didn’t bring sunblock with you, it is available in the shops of resorts and Male’.


Pack your summer clothing. It is recommended to wear light cotton and linen wear and as for footwear it depends on where you are staying. If it is in the resort and if you want to walk on the beach, enjoy the feel of pure sand underneath your feet. If you’re on paved surfaces, wear some kind of sandals.


7-10 day trips: Three to four dives per day. Typically, the schedule for the day is as follows, however, the timings/schedule can be different depending on filling tanks, cruising hours and weather conditions:

06:00               Wakeup call
06:00               Light breakfast – Coffee, tea and toast
06:30               1st Briefing & Dive
08:30 – 09:00   Normal Breakfast
10:30 – 11:00 2nd Briefing and Dive
13:00               Lunch
15:00 – 15:30   3rd Briefing and Dive
17:00               Afternoon tea and snacks
18:00 – 18:30   4th Briefing and Dive
19:30               Dinner


All meals are served buffet-style. Meals are served 3 times a day which can be enjoyed either in the lounge or outdoor dining area where you can relish the sea view and the fresh air.
Unlimited water is available onboard. Tea & coffee is available and free.

If you have any dietary restrictions or requests, please indicate them on your application form.


Wifi internet is available onboard $10 per day. Please note that the availability and signal depends on the atoll and route.


The currency used by the country is Maldivian rufiyaa and laaris. One US dollar is equivalent to 15rufiyaa 42 laaris. Can use any form of payment onboard, including credit cards, US dollar, Euro. Most commonly used credit are Visa, Mastercard, Amex.


All our Tour starts at 10:00am on the start date and ends at 09:00am on the end date.

We recommend that clients arrive one day prior to departure. Pre and post tour hotel accommodation, if required, can be arranged on request in a resort / hotels in Male.

Our Airport representative at Male’ International Airport will meet and greet you upon arrival and departure. If you are booked at a Hotel in Male’, we pick you up from the hotel for the tour and return to the hotel at the end of the tour. If you are booked in a resort through us, we pick you up from Male’ International Airport for the tour and return you to the airport at the end of the tour.


Crew gratuities are not included in your package.


Current Government Bed Tax of USD 56.00 per person per night.
Sharing Accommodation in air-conditioned cabins with window, en-suite shower (hot water) and WC.
Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), plus between-dive snacks
Unlimited hot beverages (tea & coffee)
Unlimited Mineral water
3-4 dives per person per day & one night dive per week
Nitrox for FREE
Tanks with DIN/INT, lead belts, extra diving boat
Use of fishing gear – local style, including hook, fishing line, weight and baits.

Picnic on an uninhabited island (depending on weather and route) (US $5 island entrance fee)
On the last day a trip to the capital city Male
Pick-up & drop-off at Male’ International Airport to connect with international flights on first and last day of the cruise, before noon.


Internet onboard
Dive gear rentals
Alcohol and soft drinks
Tourism Goods & Service Tax (8% till 31 /10/2014 and 12% from 1/11/2014)