10 Days 9 Nights Itinerary

Typical 10 days 9 nights cruise Itinerary

Day 1 through 10: Three to four dives per day. Typically, the schedule for the day is as follows, however, the timings/schedule can be different depending on filling tanks, cruising hours and weather conditions:

06:00Wake up call
06:00Light breakfast – Coffee & tea and toasts peanut butter
06:301st Briefing & Dive
08:30 – 09:00Normal Breakfast
10:30 – 11:002nd Briefing and Dive
15:00 – 15:303rd Briefing and Dive
17:00Afternoon tea and snacks
18:00 – 18:304th Briefing and Dive

Day 1
Guests board vessel around 10am; Introductions and briefings, equipment preparation and set up.

Dive 1:Check Dive
 4+- hr crossing from South Male to North Ari Atoll after check dive
Dive 2:Kan thila
Dive 3:Fesdhu Lagoon (night)
 Sleep at Fesdhu


Day 2

Dive 1:Fesdhu Wreck
Dive 2:Hafsa thila
Dive 3:Kaalhibeyru thila
Dive 4:Maaya thila (night dive)
 Sleep at Maaya

Day 3

Dive 1:Maay thila
Dive 2:Fish Head
Dive 3:Lhamiyaru Gaa
Dive 4:Rahdhigaa house reef (optional)
 BBQ on Rahdhigaa uninhabited island
 Sleep at Rahdhigaa


Day 4

Dive 1:Rahdhigaa Thila
Dive 2:Penetone
Dive 3:Rangali Manta Point
Dive 4:Rangali Manta Point
 Sleep at Rangali


Day 5

Whale shark search all day (snorkeling+scuba)
Sleep at maamigili


Day 6

Dive 1:Kudarah Thila
Dive 2:Broken Rock
Dive 3:Kudimaa Wreck
 Night crossing to Vaavu, approximately 3+- hrs
 Sleep at Vaavu atoll Alimathaa


Day 7

Dive 1:Kunavashi Kandu – channel dive
Dive 2:Golden Wall
Dive 3:Alimatha night dive (nurse sharks)


Day 8

Dive 1:Miyaru Kandu – channel dive
Dive 2:Dhevan Kandu – channel dive
 3hr crossing from Vaavu Atoll to North Male after second dive
Dive 3:Villivaru  giri
 Sleep at Guraadhoo (local island-those who wants can visit the island after 3 dive)


Day 9

Dive 1:Guraidhoo corner
Dive 2 (last dive):Kandooma thila
 2hr crossing from North Male to South Male
 Male city tour
 Sleep near Male Airport


Day 10

Check out, transfer to airport @0830 am